Westminster Conference
Caste & UK Discrimination Law

CasteWatchUK held its conference on Tuesday 6th November, 2007 on raising awareness about Caste Discrimination occurring in the UK. The conference was held at The Palace of Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA.....
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Sandwell Conference
Fighting Caste Discrimination in the UK

Held on Sunday, 15th July 2007, at Sandwell Council House, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 3DE. The conference brought together scholars, social activists, academics and community leaders  to address topics ....
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CasteWatchUK is interested to hear from you, especially, if you have been a victim of Caste discrimination. You may have been a victim of Caste name-calling, or you may have been bullied or your personal relationships have may been threatened or affected. Alternatively, you may know someone who has been affected by Caste. We would like to hear from you.

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 What is Caste Discrimination?

Caste Discrimination (Casteism) is worse than racial discrimination.

Caste is associated primarily with cultures of the Indian sub-continent. The term ‘Caste’ itself is not an Indian one, coming from the Portuguese casta, meaning ‘race’ or ‘pure stock’. Indians themselves do not have a single term for describing the Caste system as a whole, but have a variety of words referring to different aspects of it, the two main ones being varna and jati.

The varna consists of four categories, each ranked differently in terms of social honour. Below these groupings are the so-called ‘untouchables’- those in the lowest position of all. The Jati are locally defined groups within which the caste ranks are organised. Jati is coupled with one’s occupation and the meaning of varna in Sanskrit is ‘colour’ that signify a social category or a social classification. It is used to enforce a social stratification but does not mean colour of skin.

According to those who practice and promote it, Caste is determined by birth and cannot be changed. In a class based system there is 'vertical mobility' but this is denied in a Caste based system.  In India, Social Stratification, historically, gave rise to 'Untouchables'. Although, practice of Untouchability is legally prohibited in India but 'Untouchables' continue to be shunned socially and economically. Each Caste continues in a state of social paralysis antagonistic and hostile towards each other's interests.

Statement of policy
1. In the interest of clarity, we wish to state that CasteWatchUK is an independent and secular organisation not affiliated to any religious or political group whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

2. CasteWatchUK campaigns against Caste Based Discrimination (CBD) and not against any religion or religious group. We understand CBD to be historical and cultural phenomenon that inflicts many communities worldwide but significantly inflicts those of the Indian Sub-continent - where numbers affected finds no parallel.

3. Our membership is drawn from wide range of different religions/non-religious backgrounds.

4. To avoid offending any faith, discussion on religion is barred from our deliberations. 

5. CasteWatchUK does not persuade, entice, proselytise or seek to convert anyone to any faith or to cause affiliation to any faith.

6. CasteWatchUK works with faith based and non-faith based organisations that are keen to join our campaign to make Caste Discrimination Unlawful.

7. CasteWatcUK's main focus of work is within the UK.

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    Current Event

Caste in Britain and equality law: a public consultation...Read more..  

Government Consultation Response...Read more

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Casteawayarts - an artistic wing of CasteWatchUK... 

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You can help by becoming a member of CasteWatchUK and join a team of committed volunteers who not only have a sense of social responsibility but also see it as their duty to promote social equality and social justice.

Please download the CasteWatchUK membership form , fill it in and  send it to info@castewatchuk.org.

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