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Government Caste Consultation

In March 2017, the Government Equality Office opened a public consultation regarding caste-based discrimination in Great Britain. The Consultation seeks public views on what measure(s) the Government should take to outlaw caste-based discrimination. Section 9 of the Equality Act 2010 provides for Caste to be made an ‘aspect of race’ as mandated under the Enterprise and Regulatory Act 2013 alongside the already protected characteristics of colour, nationality and ethnic/national Origins. This specific provision will benefit those who may be affected by caste discrimination in employment, provision of goods and services and public functions, by providing them with a clear route for legal recourse. The consultation is due to end on 18 September 2017.

To submit your consultation response, please click here to launch Government Equality Office web site.

If you need help on any aspect of the consultation and are unsure about the technical details contained in the Consultation Questionnaire then please contact us on  or send an email to

For further guidelines and FAQs please visit

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You can help by becoming a member of CasteWatchUK and join a team of committed volunteers who not only have a sense of social responsibility but also see it as their duty to promote social equality and social justice.

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