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Here are some of the evidence of existence of Caste discrimination in UK:-

Date received:   20th May, 2008 : A Booklet given by Hindu Temple, Neasden, London which paints a really distorted, incorrect and misleading picture about people from communities that are victims of caste prejudice. In the section “Uplifting Society”, they portray Low caste people as thieves who plunder for a living. I never known any of my ancestors living a life of lofty morals. This sections highlights all the social evils of human behaviour under this section, implying that people from low caste have these personal evils.... (Read more)


A Booklet that was issued by Department of Equality & Social Justice of Coventry City Council in March, 1995. In the section Hinduism, it describes Hindu Caste System which was found to be very offensive by members of communities that are victims of caste discrimination. A campaign was launched and Coventry City Council withdrew this booklet and sent apology to the organisations that led the campaing..... (Read more)

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