History bears out the proposition that political revolutions have always been preceded by social and religious revolutions
Caste is not merely a division of labour it is also division of labourers
Caste can easily organise itself into a conspiracy to make the life of a reformer a hell
Caste has killed public spirit
Caste has destroyed the sense of public charity. Caste has made public opinion impossible. Virtue has become Caste ridden. Morality has become Caste bound. There is no sympathy to the deserving. There is no charity to the needy. Charity begins with the caste and ends with the caste
An ideal society should be mobile, should be full of channels for conveying a change taking place in part to other parts.
In an ideal society there should be many interests consciously communicated and shared
The strength of a society depends upon presence of points of contact, possibilities of interaction between different groups which exist in it. These are what Carlyle calls “organic filaments”
The question is not whether a community lives or dies. The question is on what plane does it live.