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Casteaway Arts


Please have a look at the resources listed below:
  1. Equality Act 2010
  2. Equality Act 2010 - Explanatory Notes
  3. Caste discrimination and harassment in Great Britain - Hilary Metcalf and Heather Rolfe (December 2010)

Speech by Sat Pal Muman-Sikh-Education-Forum 26-06-2010

CasteWatchUK evidence submitted to Scrutiny Committee (summary).

Caste and Single Equality Bill (SEB),  House of Lords, Report Stage 11th January 2010. Read more...

Previous SEB Events... House of Lords, 2nd Reading, 15th December 2009. Read more...

House of Commons, 3rd Reading, 2nd December 2009.

CasteWatchUK writes to Speaker of House of Commons.  Read more ...

CasteWatchUK receives reply from Speakers Office. Read more ...

CasteWatchUK presents memorandum to Government.  Read more ...

Caste Divide in Britain, A transcript of the Radio-4 "Caste Divide in Britain" programme which was broadcast in April and May 2004 - Used with the permission of the BBC

A copy of the text of a New Humanist article on UK Caste Discrimination, published in July 2004 and authored by Ken Hunt.

A copy of the India Weekly article on Caste in Britain. This was published in June 2004.

Testimonials from individuals who have suffered from caste discrimination in the UK. These details were read out to the Conference delegates on the CasteWatchUK Launch on 3 July 2004 and have been produced here with their permission.

The speech by Satpal Muman for the 6 October 2004 DFID/DSN Conference.

Caste in Britain speech by Satpal Muman at The Voice of Dalit International Conference in year 2000.

If you have any resources which you feel could help others (and you have the copyright to them) - click here to send us an email giving details of those resources and how to contact you.

How can you help CasteWatchUK ?

You can help by becoming a member of CasteWatchUK and join a team of committed volunteers who not only have a sense of social responsibility but also see it as their duty to promote social equality and social justice.

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