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Sandwell Conference - Fighting Caste Discrimination in the UK

CasteWatchUK held its second conference in Sandwell, West Midlands under the theme of Fighting Caste Discrimination in UK. The Conference was well attended by academics, politicians, community leaders, educational institutions, statutory organisations and many individuals from London, Bedford, Wales, Wolverhampton, Oxford, Derby, Coventry and Birmingham.

This conference set the agenda that CasteWatchUK has been striving to pursue in UK. During the panel discussion, there was agreement that caste discrimination is practised in UK. It was reprehensible and totally unacceptable to people who find themselves as victims and the need for the host community to support initiatives to root Caste based discrimination from British Society. Mr Rob Marris MP from Wolverhampton, Mr Adrian Bailey MP and Ms Jasvinder Sanghera (Author “Shame”) were some of the key speakers. Professor Eleanor Nesbit (Warwick University), Professor Sushrut Jadhav (University of London), Dr Nicolas Jaoul (Paris University) were amongst the eminent speakers from the academic arena.

The Conference also took the opportunity to honour Ms Santosh Dass, a member of the charity’s executive committee, who had been awarded MBE in the Queen’s Honour List in June 2007 for her work at the Department of Health.

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